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Causes and contributing factors

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Venous disease is one of the most common pathologies among the adult population, since according to the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé, the French National Authority for Health), 75% of the French population are or will be affected, and 25% of cases will require medical or surgical treatment.
40% of women will experience symptoms related to vein disease compared to only 20% of men.
For the moment, the scientific world always refers to a "family disease", and a chronic and progressive disease.

It is highly probable that vein disease is hereditary and therefore is an
genetic disease which is

Apart from the hereditary factor, the other cause of the emergence of varicose vein is
superficial phlebitis
, which mechanically destroys

Other "causes" usually mentioned are aggravating or trigger factors: pregnancy (hormonal factor), prolonged standing or sitting, obesity, constipation, exposure to heat and certain sports known as static sports (weightlifting and body-building).

3 points to remember

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)A Duplex scan is indispensable in order to make a proper diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapeutic indication.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)An annual Duplex scan and clinical examination is essential whatever the initial technique chosen.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)Proper treatment and follow-up of varicose veins may prevent many complications, which may be irreversible.

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