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Credits and Legal notice

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This site has been produced by Doctor Marc Hévia
111, Boulevard Thiers - 16000 ANGOULÊME - FRANCE
ORIAS (French insurance policy number): N° 07 007 263
Siret (French company registration number): 439 375 262 00029
NAF (French economic activities classification number): 6622Z

Phone: +335 45 95 08 82 – E-mail contact here

Editor: Doctor Marc HÉVIA

Editorial content and translation: Anne Querol

Created and hosted by: Taranis Studio Informatique, Périgueux, France

Website content
  1. All medical advice provided on this site is given only by a doctor.
  2. The information diffused on the site is intended to encourage and not to replace the patient-doctor relationship.
  3. Personal information concerning patients and visitors of this site, including their identity, remains confidential. Only Doctor Hévia has access to any personal information. Doctor Hévia is committed to comply fully with legal conditions regarding confidentiality of medical information applicable in France.
  4. Where possible, the source of data provided on this site is explicitly quoted with a hyperlink towards this source. The last modification date must be clearly indicated on the web page.
  5. All assertion concerning the benefits or the efficiency of a given treatment, product or commercial service will be associated with appropriate elements of proof, which will be balanced according to principle 4 above.
  6. The site editor strives to provide information as clearly as possible and to provide a contact address for users who want more details or need support. This e-mail address is clearly indicated on the web pages.
  7. This site is financed entirely by Doctor Marc Hévia. No commercial or non-commercial organization contributes to the financing of this site.
  8. No advertisement or commercial trailer contributes to the financing of this site. No promotional or advertising contribution, in the form of article, banner or logo, is or will be presented to the visitor of this site.
Use of cookies
We might be led to use the system of "cookies". Cookies do not allow us to identify you, however they record your general preferences, such as in the personalization tab situated in the top right-hand corner. These "cookies" mean that you will not have to reset your preferences for each visit. If you wish, you can prevent the storage of cookies by disabling this function in your browser settings.

Copyright information
Use of the site information and Copyright of the texts, images and videos.
Photographs, illustrations and videos are subject to Copyright and require an authorization request prior to broadcast, whatever the media. The use of any document from Doctor Hévia's site is authorized for information only, for private and personal use. Any use for another purpose is expressly forbidden. We reserve the right to modify the site content at any time and without notice. Doctor Marc Hévia disclaims all responsibility for the information available on the site. Reproduction of all documents published on the site is authorized only for personal and private purposes, unless prior authorization has been obtained. Any reproduction or use of copies made for any other purpose is prohibited. All authorization requests for reproduction of the texts, photographs, illustrations or videos must be submitted to Doctor Marc Hévia by e-mail.

Advice for use
The following web browsers are recommended to ensure optimal use of this site: Internet Explorer 7 or superior, Firefox 2 or superior, Google Chrome or Safari and superior.

Creation of links to this site
Creating hyperlinks directed to this site is authorized provided that:
  • The deep link or iframe technique is not used, that is to say that the pages of the website must not be embedded in the pages of another website, but must be visible via the opening of an independent window.
  • The source that directly points to the desired content via a hyper link is mentioned.
  • Information is used only for personal, educational, associative or professional purposes. Any other use for commercial or advertising purpose is prohibited.
This authorization shall under no circumstances be extended to websites that disseminate racist, pornographic, xenophobic, controversial information that could, in a general manner, be offensive to the majority. Links on these sites are strictly prohibited.

Application of French law
Non-compliance with these provisions exposes the infringing party to legal proceedings as well as civil and penal sanctions. This text is governed and interpreted according to French law and under the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts. If any of the provisions of this text proves to be null and void or without legal effect, the other provisions shall remain applicable.

3 points to remember

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)A Duplex scan is indispensable in order to make a proper diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapeutic indication.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)An annual Duplex scan and clinical examination is essential whatever the initial technique chosen.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)Proper treatment and follow-up of varicose veins may prevent many complications, which may be irreversible.

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