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The technique of endovenous laser treatment

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Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) consists of burning the varicose vein from the inside, by introducing a light-carrying fibre. This minimally invasive technique presents an excellent success rate at 5 years, which today makes EVLT the gold standard or reference in varicose vein treatment.

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Endovenous laser treatment is based on the thermal action of the laser that turns light into heat. The heat first warms the blood (primary volume), which itself brings a temperature increase to the vein wall (secondary volume) and leads to a permanent denaturation of proteins that constitute the vein wall.

This energy is transmitted by the end of an optical fibre with a very small calibre (400 or 600µ i.e. 0.4 or 0.6 mm). Exceptionally, 200µ fibres can be used.
The optical fibre is connected to the laser source and transmits the light emitted by this source. At the tip of the fibre, the light is turned into heat that destroys the vein wall.

Endovenous laser procedure was developed in 1979 and applied to humans by Robert Min in 1997.

In 2003, Robert Min published a case study on 3000 patients over a 5 year period comparing traditional surgery (stripping) to endovenous laser treatment. Ever since, EVLT has been considered as the gold standard in varicose vein treatment.
All the research in this field shows that short-term results are similar to those of surgery, that is to say about 95% of good results immediately.
More importantly, all significant research shows a success rate that remains close to 100% at 5 years after EVLT, whereas varicose veins recur in about 50% of cases at 5 years after stripping surgery.

3 points to remember

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)A Duplex scan is indispensable in order to make a proper diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapeutic indication.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)An annual Duplex scan and clinical examination is essential whatever the initial technique chosen.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)Proper treatment and follow-up of varicose veins may prevent many complications, which may be irreversible.

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