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Varicose veins treatment by endovenous laser

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You will find information about various varicose vein treatments and in particular about endovenous laser.

The advantages of this minimally invasive technique are:
  • absence of hospitalisation and operating room
  • absence of general or epidural anaesthesia
  • no scarring and no risk of healing delay
  • postoperative comfort
  • short or no time off work
  • short-term results are as good as those following stripping surgery, and results at 5 years are clearly superior
  • all types of varicose veins are accessible: great and small saphenous veins, perforating veins and recurrences
  • no age limit nor limits relating to the seriousness of the disease (varicose ulcer can benefit from this technique)
  • being overweight is not a contraindication
  • it is not necessary to stop taking chronic medication

3 points to remember

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)A Duplex scan is indispensable in order to make a proper diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapeutic indication.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)An annual Duplex scan and clinical examination is essential whatever the initial technique chosen.

Traitement des Varices par Laser Endo-Veineux (LEV)Proper treatment and follow-up of varicose veins may prevent many complications, which may be irreversible.

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